1001 Introductory Casting Set
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 #1001 Starter Casting Set

 The casting set includes:

 A one pound capacity electric melting pot with 6’ cord set
 Pouring Ladle
 Your choice of a silicone rubber or metal mold (both suitable for metal casting) having up to an $18 value.
 10 oz. ingot of lead free pewter (which will make up to 6- 54mm figures)
 Appropriate mold clamp(s)
1 Pair.of Heavy Duty protective gloves
Complete Instructions
*The new one figure Silicone Rubber (SR) molds produce the best results being easier to pour and are more detailed figures.

Each mold produces a full round 54mm figure with no parts to attach.






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1001 Introductory Casting Set

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