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(These excerpts as written are all from unsolicited customer messages to us.)
**Please note names are withheld to respect the privacy of our hobbyists, but photo copies of the full original correspondences available upon request.

Mr. Blanc
Attached are a few pictures of mold SR 31 painted. My son did most of the painting and I did the touch up. We love the rubber molds and look forward to sending more pictures from the other molds we have and ordering new molds in the future.
Thank you again,
Elton Beyer
Alexandria, KY

Bob - Here's a note - a thank you note from my class.  Every year we cast and paint a chess set from your molds and sell it at the school auction.  We got $950 for it this year!  All the money goes to scholarships.  Thank you for being such a reliable supplier of pewter.
Yours, Peter

Thanks Bob,
Your service is the best! That's why I have kept coming back for the past seventeen or so years.
Much appreciated,

David "Keith" Pogue

Thank you for your continued fine service. I must say you provide the best service of any company in Europe or the United States for anything shipped.
Mr. B.W.M, Jeloy, Norway

Enclosed please find my balance owed. Youíre great to do business with.
Mrs. H.K., West Framington, OH

I too, am trying to re-capture my youth, and to share it with my young son. As memory serves me, there was no finer way to spend my time, then with my toy soldiers. They are now long gone, as are my old molds, but if a chance arises, I will grasp it tightly, and hold on dearly forever.
J.J.D., Jr. Ridgeley, W.VA

Hereís the mold I owe you. I really appreciate your fast service, I expected a hassle when I had to return it. Itís a pleasant surprise to find there are still competent and courteous people around. Your molds produce beautiful and accurate figures. I hope eventually to own your complete line.
Mr. K.F.R., Clementon, N.J.

All of you at Castings seem to know your business thoroughly and are a shining example to all of us amateurs.  And now to work, hours, weeks and months of it. I am grateful to you all.
Mr. A.B. St.David, Bermuda

I received my order here today and I am so pleased with your outstanding service and handling of this recent order  that I just half to put in another larger order if for no other reason than appreciation. I am highly pleased with you good folks.
I give you a Big "Q" for quality and a Big "E" for efficiency.

Mr. D.M.R., Phoenix, AZ.

I love pewter and the molds you offer are so beautiful and outstanding. So whenever you have a new series of pewter molds please send me a brochure showing them. Also, I want to mention you have excellent shipping time.
Mrs. D.S., Harrisburg, IL

I am really excited about this new hobby you have helped me discover and the possible aspects I may receive from doing this type thing. What a magnificent way to make some extra money creating something that is fun, exciting and artistically rewarding. Why the possibilities are endless. I want to thank you for sharing your hobby with me.
I look forward to many years of doing business with your company.

J.D.W., Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Itís a real pleasure doing business with a company that stands by its product.
D.M.W., New Haven, OH

Recently I purchased your starter kit. I have received it and am pleased with my new hobby. Thank you for providing me with a wonderful opportunity to spend my free time in a creative manner and to also make a little bit of extra spending money on the side.
M.W.S., Esquire, Indianapolis, IN

I want to send these molds to my fiancŤ Frank for his birthday.
He told me this is all he wants for his birthday.
Ms. C.F., Middlesboro, MN

I generally do not write letters of Thanks for purchases made through a mail order catalog. However, I was very pleased at the prompt delivery of my casting set and molds, and quickly discovered that everything worked great. The miniatures which I cast with your molds came out looking great when painted and made excellent Christmas gifts.
E.A.B., Covina, CA

Since receiving my first molds about three weeks ago I have cast over two hundred figures.
I am thrilled with my new hobby.

M.C., Hebron, IN

I look forward to spending time this winter CASTING an army that can be used to "battle" my brotherís lead soldiers. When we were kids in the forties and early fifties we used your mold #5264 to cast some 1200 figures so my job is to create a new army to defeat that one. Many thanks for being there for "kids" who are 50 but can still play with toy soldiers between financial broadcasts.
N.Y. Financial Talk Show Host

May I close by saying, I find your castings a great hobby. I give your finished product as Christmas gifts, as well as birthdays and special occasions. My family and friends seem to cherish these gifts more because, Iíve taken the time to cast and paint them. Again, thanks for the many hours of pleasure, in both making the
figures and seeing the happy faces when they are received.

P.A.S., Woonsocket, R.I.

Thank you very much for not carrying an inferior product. I want to express satisfaction with your rubber molds, especially the "War Between the States" Molds. The detail is truly exquisite and the figures created are truly showpieces. I for one will continue to patronize you for your quality merchandise and excellent service.
M.I., Raleigh, NC

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I really appreciate the postage paid, return envelope you supplied for returning my defective mold. Your service is above the norm and so refreshing. Iím sure Iíll be doing more business with you in the future.
D.S., Enfield, CT

I want to thank you for your kindness in supplying exactly what I needed to make use of the metal mold I had received as a gift. Of the dozen or so companies I deal with on a fairly regular basis Castings has consistently been the most considerate and helpful. Even if your products were not high quality and dependable I would still continue to recommend them to my fellow amateur craftsmen because of your way of doing business.
F.W. Hopkinsville, KY

A short note with this order to thank you for the excellent service Iíve received from your company. Over the years Iíve done a lot of mail order business with many companies and yours is by far the best. Most orders I send to you by mail on Monday are on my door steps by Friday.
O.B., St. Louis, MO

I am most excited at the thoughts of a casting set for my husband to make soldiers for our children (boys ages 7 & 9). Years ago my Dad borrowed a mold and cast 3" high lead soldiers. We had hours of fun with them. Maybe itís really Mom that wants the casting set but most of all Iíd like our children to share the happy times I had as a child.
Mrs. S.F. Lewiston, N.Y.

I not only had a casting set when I was a boy in the 1930ís but I later replaced the lost and molds for my 2 sonís in the 50ís. That set too is gone. Now I have 2 young grandsons and am delighted to find my old friends again.
E.B., Houston, TX

I canít tell you high delighted I am with your "adult toys". I was given some of your equipment by my teenage boy for Christmas and it has absolutely returned me to my former childhood joys of casting lead soldiers.
J.H.W, M.D. Brainerd, MN

Having a wonderful time. Thank you for the enjoyment you have given me in my spare time, as it keeps my mind off my other troubles. Love you all!
K.A., Carlisle, PA

I have just finished the Napoleonic figure molds that I ordered from your company last month. I want you to know that I have not enjoyed anything so much for some time. My wife and family see them as miniature works of art, which makes me very proud since I have never been able to draw a straight line before.
D.B. Lake Butler Prison, FL


The above excerpts from letters received should give you an idea of who we are, how we run our business, and how our customers feel about our products and company. These letters, which we are very proud of, are representative of hundreds we have received over the past 25 years.
Robert Blanc, President



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