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Molds & Accessories for Producing Quality Pewter Miniatures
Easily and Profitably.

Make your own
Old Toy Soldiers, Chess Sets, Fantasy Dragons, Wizards, Medieval Knights, Indians, Civil War Figures, Unicorns, and Much More from our large selection of molds.

Material & Tools

Check out the easy to use mold making materials which includes the fabulous 

You can make replicas of coins, figurines, medallions, jewelry, machine parts in a variety of different materials.



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"A new and fantastic RTV putty for fast and easy mold making"

It will last for 1,000's of uses and can with stand metal temperatures up to 900†F 
without being damaged.
See how simple a Making a Mold with Quick-Sil and our #
5002 Adjustable 
Wood Frame Mold Press is.

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5000  Quick-Sil, 2 lb. RTV Kit $59.95
5001 1 oz. Mold Release Cream for Quick Sil $9.95
5002 Wood Mold Frame Press $40.00
50000  RTV Quick-Sil Starter Kit: Includes Items: 5000,5001,5002 & 40000


40000 1 lb. Synthetic Mold Clay $4.00
 Important NEW Items: Eliminate the need for #5002 & #40000  
5003 Steel Mold Frame 1 7/8 x 2 x1 $30.00
5004 Large Steel Mold Frame 5x27/8x13/8 $40.00
5005 Metal spacer for #5004 mold frame $8.00

New Product!

Castaldo Quick-Sil Rubber RTV Silicone Mold Making Compound 3.5 oz Kit Item #5007

Castaldo Quick-Sil Castaldo® Quick-Sil™ molds are not weak, delicate prototype molds that can be used only once or twice. They will last for 1,000's of uses and dozens of years. Castaldo® Quick-Sil™ can be used for lost wax casting and can also be used for direct casting of low temperature metals such as pewter, tin, etc. Castaldo® Quick-Sil™ is a revolutionary new 0% shrinkage molding rubber material that makes tough, long-lasting production molds with a high-shine finish almost instantly. No more waiting 24 hours and vulcanizers when making molds! Castaldo has made it easier than ever, and Quick-Sil even comes in a 3 oz. size.

$9.95 #5007



  • Great for PMC
  • Can be used for direct casting of pewter and other low temperature metals up to 650˚ F
  • Cures in 15 minutes
  • 0% Shrinkage
  • No careful measuring
  • Safe, non-toxic
  • No release sprays needed - it's self lubricating
  • No 12-24 hour wait for finished molds
  • No messy liquids
  • No Vulcanizer needed
  • 1.75 oz per container
  • Product size 2.2" X 1.8" X 1.5" Inches (55 X 46 X 39mm)
  • Item #5007---$9.95

(Ideal for jewelry making & 25mm or smaller figures)
Item 51000 Mold Making Kit (Contains):

1--5003 Aluminum Mold Frame cavity dimensions (1 78"x2 7/8"x1)-----$30.00
1--5000- 2 lbs. Quick-Sil (1lb. Part A & 1lb. Part B)--$54.95
1--5001--tub of Mold Release--$9.95
1--6"X8" Aluminum working base 10.00
1--1 7/8"x 2 7/8" x 1/8" Aluminum shim--5.00
1--3"x4" Aluminum sheet for covering mold frame--$8.00
4- 3/4" Hex Bolts (alignment pins)---$1.20

Kit cost--$124.10
Internet Special - $111.69


(Perfect for 54mm figures and objects up to 5")

Item 52000 Mold Making Kit (contains):

1--5004--Aluminum Mold Frame (cavity dimensions 3"x5"x1 3/8")---$40.00
1--5000- 2 lbs. Quick-Sil (1lb. Part A & 1lb. Part B)--$54.95
1--5001--tub of Mold Release--$9.95
1--6"X8" Aluminum working base $10.00
1--3"x 5"x 1/8" aluminum shim--$8.00
1--3"x4" Aluminum sheet for covering mold frame--$8.00
4- 3/4" Hex Bolts (alignment pins)---$1.20

Kit cost--$137.10
Internet Special - $123.39

Item 53000 Mold Making Kit (includes both metal frames)
1-5003--Aluminum Mold Frame---$30.00
1-5004--Aluminum Mold Frame---$40.00
1-5000--2 lbs. Quick-Sil---$59.95
1-5001--Mold Release Cream---$9.95
1-6"x8"--Aluminum Working Base---$10.00
8--3/4" Hex Bolts---$2.40
Aluminum Shims for both mold frames---$16.00
Internet Special - $151.47

(based on making 2molds from the $40 2lb. Quick-Sil package)

Sounds incredible doesn’t it? Now it is possible with this wonderful new mold making material to make perfect replica molds of figurines, coins, sculpted parts (great for model repairs), etc. in minutes. The perfect product for existing mold making hobbyists and for those that have never made a mold but have figures or objects they want to reproduce.

Quick-Sil is a two-part room temperature, very clean vulcanizing (RTV) silicone molding putty, that produces a good, strong, long lasting rubber mold, handling casting metal temperatures up to 800 degrees with zero % shrinkage. When cured the mold is extremely flexible with an incredibly high resistance to tearing allowing the removal of figures with limited undercuts without damaging the mold.

Quick-Sil is safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic.

Quick-Sil is easy to use - merely mix an equal amount of parts of A and B and knead the materials thoroughly by hand. Working time is 2-4 minutes depending on the room and putty temperature. Working time with Quick-Sil can be increased by placing part A&B in the refrigerator prior to mixing.  Lowering the temperature increases your working time. Placement of the mixed material and model in our #5002 Adjustable Wood Mold Frame Press assures optimum results in only 15 minutes. There is no need to measure precisely in order to achieve good results.

A perfect mold in only 20 minutes at a cost of $20.00* is hard to believe, but it’s true!

That means you can make two molds from each 2 lb. kit (or more if your molds are to be smaller). Original models may be painted (paint will not be affected), and made of plastic, Super Sculpey, ceramic, wood or metal as no heat is required for vulcanization. The material has a shelf life of up to 2 years even after opened.

You may adjust our mold frame to accommodate different size masters, however, if you construct your own frame the material needs to be properly confined under some pressure allowing the air bubbles to be driven out. Complete instructions provided.

*This adjustable frame allows you to form molds from 1" sq. to 7"x 5" W x 3" D Also highly recommended for Liquid RTV 20600


Quick-Sil is two-part room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone molding putty that produces strong, long-lasting rubber molds for metal casting with 0% shrinkage. Quick-Sil is safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic.

Quick-Sil is easy to use — merely mix equal parts of part A and part B by hand. There is no need to measure precisely in order to achieve optimum results.

Working time: 2 to 4 minutes.*Working time with Quick-Sil can be increased by placing part A&B in the refrigerator prior to mixing.  Lowering the temperature increases your working time.

Cure time: Approximately 15 minutes.

ITEM# 5000
0% Shrinkage RTV!
In Only 15 Minutes!

grn1.JPG (6382 bytes)
No careful and precise mixing needed-
just take equal handfuls!

grn2.JPG (6553 bytes)
Mixing is easy and simple!

grn3.JPG (5205 bytes)
Mold packing is easy, too!  Cures in 15 minutes!

No need to heat up your vulcanizer-
use it cold!

No vulcanizer?  Even C-clamps or a heavy book will do!

Quick-Sil™ molds are strong, tough & long-lasting.

 Castaldo Quick-Sil
STRONG, Long-Lasting Silicone Rubber Molds

Castaldo® Quick-Sil® is a revolutionary new 0% shirnkage jewelry molding rubber material that makes tough, long-lasting production molds with a high shine finish ALMOST INSTANTLY!
  • No careful measuring
  • No messy liquids
  • No 12-24 hour wait for finished molds
  • No vulcanizer needed
They will last for hundreds of uses and dozens of years.

Castaldo® Quick-Sil®  can be used for direct casting of low-temperature metals such as pewter, tin, etc.

Castaldo® Quick-Sil® is packaged in a 2-lb./0.9 Kg. kit containing equal parts A&B.


We suggest that if is the first time you use Quick-Sil that you experiment making a mold of a small object such as a coin or 25mm figure. Read the following instructions thoroughly, then mix a small amount of the part A & B as per the instructions below. Cover the mold with a wood or masonite blank and apply downward pressure with your hand to promote proper curing (use of 2 c-clamps will also work well and will avoid the need for holding the mold for 15 minutes). This will give you a good idea of the ability of the material to pick up detail, the working and curing time.

IMPORTANT: Measure out the approximate amount of material you will need to make both sides of the mold. Because Quick-Sil produces finished molds in a short time, the acceptable working time is also very short. This requires the development of a rapid technique of mixing and preparation of a mold frame so that the working time is not exceeded..

The easiest way to achieve this is to make thin pancakes of part A and part B on a tabletop or similar work surface (Figure 2). Once the two pancakes are formed, place one on top of the other (Figure 3) and then mix them rapidly by pushing down on your thumbs (Figure 4), kneading with both hands or rolling between the palms of your hands, (Figure 5) or any combination of these techniques.

Press the mixed rubber compound into a mold frame (one that you have constructed or our Vulc-a-Mold tool) press the model into the rubber to its approximate parting line, quickly grease the surface with the CASTALDO mold release cream, and then cover the model with more rubber compound, see Figure 6. Insert the molding putty in one cavity, insert the model, fill the opposing cavity with putty, and apply a coating of CASTALDO mold release cream to all surfaces and clamp closed.) A mold press, clamp or heavy weight is essential to ensuring that air bubbles will be driven out of the mold.

ADVANCED MOLDMAKING INSTRUCTIONS, for figures with undercuts requiring
mold build up

After you have become completely familiar with the process of making molds having a straight parting line without severe undercuts you can advance to the more difficult mold making projects.

FLAT TOP MOLDS (Open face)- are made when the model is sunk completely in one half of the mold and the parting line is produced on the model’s top surface. This type of mold can only be made with a model having either a flat top or bottom surface, with absolutely no undercuts on the sides. Talc the mold press cavity. Mix Quick-Sil putties per instructions and press into mold frame or one Vulc-A-Mold cavity until level with the frame surface. Apply mold release cream to putty surface and press in model. Cover (metal sheet or plywood) and weight down.

BUILD-UP MOLDS- are made when using non-uniform (not symmetrical shape models). These are the most difficult types of molds to make because of the unequal parting line required. A moldmaker will develop an appreciation for the parting line and undercuts through experience and probably several mistakes. We will attempt to describe a technique to follow, but experience will be the best teacher.

1) You will find that it is most important to determine where the parting line of your model is. For assistance take a washable felt tip pen and draw the parting line on the model until you become familiar enough to visualize the line.

2) Knead the clay until it becomes more supple then press a layer in the mold frame or a Vulc-A-Mold cavity. Press the model into the clay down to the desired parting line but do not press it all the way through the layer of clay. Add or build up the clay around the model up to its parting line. Do not cover the model above its parting line or you will wind up with a casting that is partially encapsulated. If this happens you would need to cut a slit in the area of encapsulation to remove a poured casting from the mold.

3) Press in the 2 cap nut mold locators supplied. Locate these on opposite sides (one above and one below) of the model. Grease the clay and model with mold release cream.

4) Measure out equal parts of Quick-Sil parts A & B. Use enough material to slightly over fill the cavity. Quickly mix and knead the material thoroughly. Press the mixed putty into the other Vulc-A-Mold cavity or your built up mold frame. Squeeze the Vulc-A-Mold lid down, pressing out excess material. Then weight down the lid. The excess material and air will flow out of the tool. Do not lock the frame with the hex screws. If you are using your own mold frame you must cover the Quick-Sil with a weighted down tightly fitting lid.

5) After your first half of the mold is made. Reverse the process by removing the clay and replacing it with the vulcanized mold. Place the model in the cavity, grease with mold release cream and mix the remaining necessary Quick-Sil to produce the second half of your mold. After your mold is completed you may cut in a pouring gate. It is extremely important that the blade of your cutting tool be very sharp to prevent ragged cuts. Depending on the size of your models more than one model may be placed in each mold.

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