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More than a Hobby

Molds & Accessories for Producing Quality Pewter Miniatures
Easily and Profitably.

Make your own
Old Toy Soldiers, Chess Sets, Fantasy Dragons, Wizards, Medieval Knights, Indians, Civil War Figures, Unicorns, and Much More from our large selection of molds.

Material & Tools

Check out the easy to use mold making materials which includes the fabulous 

You can make replicas of coins, figurines, medallions, jewelry, machine parts in a variety of different materials.



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With over 450 different reusable molds as well
as the ability to make a mold of your own figures,
there is a series for any interest.

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H/O Railroad molds

Group 1&2: Old Time Metal Molds, WW I, WW II, Cowboys/Indians, Medieval & Civil War Action Figures.

Series A: Napoleonic Artillery Train, Horse & Riders Molds

Series 1:  Civil War (see series 11 for more), American Revolution  Molds

Series 2:  Napoleonic Metal Molds

Series 3: Medieval Molds 

Series 4: Cowboys and Indians  Molds

Series 5: German Marching Band Metal Molds 

Series 6: King Richards Court Chess Set Molds 

Series 7: Coldstream Guard and Highlander Molds 

Series 8: Medieval Horse & Rider Molds

Series 9: French Napoleonic Molds

Series10: British Napoleonic Molds

Series 11: Civil War - "War Between the States" Molds

Series 12: Highlander Drum & Pipe Marching Units

Series 13: Guards Marching Band Molds

Series 14: (25mm) Fantasy Figure Molds 

Series 15: Winter Village Molds 

Series 16: Waterloo Chess Set Molds

Series 17: Carousel Molds 

Series 18: Revolutionary War Molds 

Series 19: "Victorian" Era Molds

Series 20: "Nativity" Molds

Series 21: Circus Molds 

Series 22: Fantasy Molds 

Series 23: Civil War Chess Set Molds 

Series 24: Medieval Chess Set Molds

Series 25: Renaissance Chess Set Molds

Series 26: Dinosaur Molds 

Series 27: Large Fantasy Molds 

Series 28: Gnomes, Trolls, Goblins & Fairies Molds

Series 30: Fantasy Dioramas Molds 

Series 31: Fantasy Chess Set, Bright Side vs Dark Side Molds

Series 32: Ancient Trojan Gladiators & Chariot Molds

Series 33: Monster Molds 

Series 34: North American Wildlife Molds 

Series 35: Tudor Chess Set 

Series 36: Football Chess Set 

Series 37: "Afghan War" Mold Set

  Series 38 "Miscellaneous Mold Series" - H/O Railroad Molds - Antique Nude Statuette - Italian Shepherd Flute Player


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