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MS1 Electric Stove and Cord Set, 1 lb. capacity , requires MS3 Ladle $21.00
90009 Lee Production Pot, 10 lb. capacity, with 4" clearance. $71.95
90009A Lee Prod. Pot, 220 VOLT,10 lb. capacity, with 4" clearance. (this melting pot is for foreign current, not to be ordered in the U.S.) $81.95
90010 Lee Extension Riser, Adds 2" $12.00
MS2 Appliance Cord for MS1 Stove $5.00
MS3 Pouring Ladle, 1 lb. capacity $6.00
MS4 Replacement Heating Element & Ceramic Plate for MS1 Stove $5.00
MS5 Replacement Heating Element Only, for MS1 Stove $3.00
MS7 4 lb. Hot Pot 2 $47.95
MS8 Replacement Heating Element for Hot Pot 2 $16.95
MS12 Hot Mill Gloves $4.00
90011 Casting Metal Thermometer, Scale reads up to 750 F. $38.00
90012 Spring Handle for Thermometer #90011, (optional, but helpful) $6.00
90029 Lee Ingot Mold, (2) 1/2 lb. cavities & (2) 1 lb. cavities $16.00

Lee Production Pot IV
Same as the Lee Production Pot (below right) except that it features 4" of clearance under the spout. This is high enough to accept most molds, however if pouring taller molds,
use #90010, aluminum extension riser for 67/8" of clearance.

Lee's large, deep pot holds approximately 10 pounds of metal. Melt time is less than 20 minutes. Pour spout up front where it belongs so you can see what you're doing. Infinite heat control. Uses only 500 watts of power during heat-up and a lot less to maintain temperature. Large, stable base for safety. Well suited for commercial casting, clubs, production, etc. This pot has features not found on more expensive melters. Guaranteed two years.


Lee Ingot Mold
Use the Lee Mold to cast 1/2 and one pound ingots. Perfect for re-melting and alloying.
Wood handles stay cool. Aluminum mold is lightweight and rustproof.

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