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See Casting Hints at bottom of the page.


MS48: Helpful Hints

For Casting, Painting, & Producing Miniature Figures

"This 56 Page Booklet Is An Essential Aid for Casting Enthusiasts! "

Since very little has been previously written about the casting hobby, this booklet will assist the hobbyist and aid in the development of a profitable venture.

Topics Included:
  • Using Lead/tin Casting Metals or Pewter
  • Pouring of Metal and Rubber Molds
  • How to Pour Perfect Figures
  • Suggestions to Improve Spoke Wheel Castings
  • Tools For Figure Conversions
  • Preparation of a Figure for Painting or Oxidizing
  • Painting Tips
  • Mixing Your Own Colors
  • Dry Brush Techniques
  • Make Your Own Mold Using a Home Vulcanizer or RTV (room temperature vulcanization materials)
  • Art of Soldering
  • Sculpting Material
  • Building Dioramas

        And Much More!  


MS48 Helpful Hints $6.00


MS48 Helpful Hints for Casting and Painting $6.00
MS50 "Arms& Uniforms" The Napoleonic Wars, Part 2, Prentice-Hall $12.95
MS86 "Uniforms of the Civil War", Sterling Books $12.95
MS52 "The Civil War Handbook", W. Prince $2.95
MS53 "Uniforms of the Union", (7) Full Color Uniform Cards 3.5"x 8" $2.95
MS54 "Uniforms of the Confederate", (7) Full Color Uniform Cards $2.95

"The following brochures and cards in full color provide an excellent painting guide for the cast miniature."

Since Castings inception, we have tried to make new mold series available to the hobbyist annually. Before we had a complete catalog, color cards or brochures were used for introduction and representation of our line.  However these cards also contain some very dated information such as nostalgic postage rates and product prices. Please refer to the current price list.

MS57 Series 2, Napoleonic $.20
MS58 Series 3 & 8, Medieval $.20
MS59 Series 5 (German Marching Band) & Series 7 (Coldstream Guard) $.20
MS60 Series 6, King Richards Court Chess Set $.20
MS61 Series 9 (French Nap.) & Series 10 (British Napoleonic) $.20
MS62 Series 11, War Between the States $.20
MS63 Series 12, Scottish Highlanders $.20
MS64 Series 13, Coldstream Guard & Marching Band $.20
MS65 Series 14, 25mm Fantasy Series, Can be used a  chess set. $.20
MS66 Series 15, Winter Village $.20
MS67 Series 16, Waterloo Chess Set $.20
MS68 Series 17, Carousel Set $.20
MS69 Series 18, American Revolution $.20
MS70 Series 19, Victorian Civilians $.20
MS71 Series 20, Nativity Set $.20
MS72 Series 21, Circus Figures $.20
MS73 Series 21, Circus Figures cont. $.20
MS74 Series 22, Wizard & Sorceress $.20
MS75 Series A, Napoleonic Artillery Train & Napoleonic Horse & Rider $.20
MS76 Series 23, Civil War Chess Set $.20
MS85 Series 22, Dragons $.20
MS89 Series 24 & 25, Medieval & Renaissance Chess Set $.20
MS90 Series 26 & 22, Dinosaur & Fantasy Figures $.20
MS91 Series 27 & 28, Fantasy Gnomes, Trolls & more. $.20




Metal casting does not always produce perfect figures.  Even commercially made die cast or spin cast figures do not always come out just right, but you never see them as they are put back in the pot and cast over.

The most important factors in obtaining fully poured figures are:

1.     Use a high  tin content casting metal, 10% tin should be minimum, (CM2). While  65% tin is optimum, (CM4) having the lowest melting point of the tin/lead alloys.    If the metal you may have is primarily lead or an unknown lead alloy, then at least 10% tin by weight should be added. Pure lead has too high a melting  temperature (620 degrees F) to be used successfully with our molds. 100% tin (CM5) can be obtained directly from our company.

The best pouring metals for difficult to fill molds are our CM3 or CM4 (50% tin) and our PS1 (91% tin, lead free) Pewter ingots.

2.     Raise the temperature of the casting metal to the maximum allowable temperature without damaging the molds (570-650 degrees F). Use our casting thermometer (#90011) to eliminate the guess work. TO reach the proper pouring temperature you must allow the metal to heat at least 15 Minutes after melting before pouring the mold. If you do not have a casting thermometer and are still experiencing problems,  some  hard to fill molds need the metal to heat up to 1 hour before pouring. Doing this will almost guarantee a perfectly cast figure.

3.     Dust the rubber or metal molds with the graphite lubricant (MS22). Tap off any excess powder. To apply graphite powder to a metal mold requires it first be sprayed with Mold Blacking Spray (MS13).

4.     As a last resort, carefully cut a vent. If you are still having difficulty there might be an air blockage preventing metal from flowing to a particular channel. A shallow V-shaped vent can be cut, slanted away and up from the farthest point in the channel to the outside of the mold. This allows the trapped air to be released. It is very important when cutting a rubber mold that only a very sharp pen knife be used.

5.     With  rubber molds you might also try lightening up on the mold clamp force. You can do this by eliminating the spring clamp and holding the mold securely with a rubber band or use a rubber band to counter the spring clamp by wrapping it around the clamp handles. Be careful when doing this as the mold may tend to leak, especially if it has been poured several times and has temporarily warped by the heat of the casting metal. Be certain to work over a protected area.




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