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Old Toy Soldiers, Chess Sets, Fantasy Dragons, Wizards, Medieval Knights, Indians, Civil War Figures, Unicorns, and Much More from our large selection of molds.

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Check out the easy to use mold making materials which include the fabulous 

You can make replicas of coins, figurines, medallions, jewelry, machine parts in a variety of different materials.



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"Alumilite is a liquid casting resin that cures in under five minutes to produce or replicate an exact plastic duplicate of your part"
Models ~ Hobbies ~ Crafts



Create, carve or design doll or puppet heads with Alumilite. Accessory Items (This wood pile is just one of the accessories made for Delton Locomotive's.) Instant repairs such as sealing or patching holes in models.

Welcome to the exciting world of Alumilite, the two-part liquid casting plastic that goes from liquid to solid in just 3 minutes.  Easy to use, virtually odorless, and will duplicate any part down to the most minute detail.  Create your mold and then cast it with Alumilite Super Liquid Casting Plastic.  Parts can be easily dyed, sanded, drilled, machined, or painted.  Fillers can be added to change texture and weight.   When heated, parts can be reformed and bent without breaking.  Shelf life - 1 year.

3 Easy Steps to Using:

1. Measure Equal Parts of A & B



2. Combine Equal Parts of A & B and stir

3. Pour. Liquid to Solid
in 3 minutes.


Press item to be copied into ordinary clay.

Mix A & B in equal parts, stir well, then pour Alumilite

Gives you an exact duplicate
in just three minutes.

Quick, easy and inexpensive.
You can make and paint figurines for hobby displays, decorative use or craft ideas.

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40201 Porcelain Powder, 16 oz. $9.50
40301 Aluminum Powder, 16 oz. $9.50
30101 1 oz. Black Dye, Will dye up to 28 oz. of Plastic $4.50
30601 1 oz. Brown Dye, Will dye up to 28 oz. of Plastic $4.50
30401 1 oz. Red Dye, Will dye up to 28 oz. of Plastic $4.50
42610    1 oz. Measuring Cup (packed 25) $4.95
42612   1 oz. Measuring Cup (packed 100) $6.95
42620      6 oz. Measuring Cup (packed 6) $4.95
42622 6 oz. Measuring Cup (packed 20) $7.50
This kit is perfect for someone who is casting a small project or is a first time user of liquid RTV materials. The Kit contains everything you need to mold and cast your part.
        8 oz. Kit of Alumilite Super Plastic
        113 grams of Alumilite's RTV Silicone
        1 lb. Synthetic Modeling & Mold Clay
        Measuring Cups
        Wooden Stir Sticks
        How to instructional brochure
Item # 10560  PRICE:     $35.00



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