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MS104 "Green Stuff" Kneadatite Epoxy Putty, 36" Strip $14.95
MS105 Faststeel epoxy putty 4 oz $7.50

Quick-Cure 5 Minute Epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency. This lack of brittleness allows it to form a long lasting bond.


Kneadatite Sculptors Epoxy Putty Tape
This Kneadatite product is wonderful for sculptors.  You can create and repair sculptures, also due masonry repair, and auto projects (filling dents and rust holes).  Work life 45-60 minutes.
(commonly known as "Green Stuff").

* Extremely smooth, non-grainy texture.
* Long work life (1 1/2 to 2 hrs.)
* Holds fine detail and adheres well to almost any surface.
* Place "Green Stuff" in the freezer to stop hardening or under a warm lamp to harden faster.

MS103 "Green Stuff" Kneadatite Epoxy Putty Sampler, 12" Strip $6.25
MS104 "Green Stuff" Kneadatite Epoxy Putty, 36" Strip $14.95

ABOUT KNEADATITE: Miniature figure sculptors and modelers have used "Green" to fill gaps in cast figures, customize pieces with added parts, and make original models. Kneadatite's features make it very useful for the casting hobbyist.  To use just knead with your fingers until the colors are blended.



Steel-reinforced epoxy putty. Simply the strongest adhesive we have ever used for attaching figures to bases or Swarovski crystals to castings)


MS105 Faststeel epoxy putty 4 oz $7.50

ABOUT FASTSTEEL: Hobbyists that want the perfect bonding material for holding strength and ease of use look no further. With FastSteel you can weld parts together in several minutes as the material molds like clay and hardens like steel. It is perfect for working with pewter and all lead/tin alloys. Just cut off the correct amount required and knead with your fingers until the colors are blended. The 4 oz.,  7" strip (which goes a very long way) is packed in a reusable tube.




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