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About Us!

Castings was started by Bob Blanc in 1974. 
Bob was previously Vice-President of the Rapco Toy Company in Chicago, Illinois.  

Rapco owned the Rapaport Bros. toy line (also known by Cast Rite and Home Foundry trade names), which produced casting sets and molds for almost 40 years.   Upon leaving Rapco, Bob bought the tooling and inventory of Rapco's 43 metal molds. 

Bob operated the newly formed Castings Company in Highland Park, Illinois for 5 years.  He then moved it to Longwood, Florida in 1980.  Castings remained in Florida until 1994 when the company moved to Eastsound, Washington on Orcas Island. 

During the past 25 years Castings has introduced over 450 new molds (mostly made of silicone rubber because of the improved obtainable figure quality and ease of pouring), in over 30 different mold series.  Bob is still active in the business and can be reached at 360-376-3266 if you have any questions or problems with Casting's products.



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