Whether you are new to casting or an old pro, we have everything you need to be creative.

Cast Your Own Minatures.
Long Lasting Silicone Rubber Mold Produces Hundreds of Authentic Figures
Suitable For Miniature Painting.
Our Metal Molds are 3 part Antique Molds (Circa 1930-1948)


Get started now by ordering our Complete Starter Casting Set 
for $69.95 less our Spring Promotion 25% discount code SP25 and pay only $52.47 plus shipping.  

You will receive:

One lb. electric melting pot
Pouring ladle
$18 - 54mm action figure mold (9 to choose from)
Ingot of Lead-free pewter to cast up to 6- 54mm. figures
2 mold clamps
One pair of heavy duty work gloves
Complete instructions

Want a larger melting pot? Substitute a 41b, Lee infinite heat control melting pot with all of the above listed set components. Cost $86.00 less Spring Sale 25% pay only $64.50 plus shipping.
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 Mold Making Materials & Foundry Casting

We offer a wide variety of over 450 different metal and silicone rubber molds to make Old Toy Soldiers, Chess Sets, Medieval Knights, Military, Cowboys & Indians, Nativity, Carousels, Fantasy figures and Dioramas along with many many other figures. 

Want to create and cast your own molds? We offer all the casting supplies and casting tools you need to cast jewelry, figures, etc. The possibilities are endless. Select a category on the right to start shopping! 

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN under 13 working without adult supervision.

We ship by Priority Mail unless an order requires a larger carton than
the lg. Postal Priority mail box, then it will go by Parcel Post.

We will accept and ship Foreign Orders only if they have been paid to our account:
castings@miniaturemolds.com through PayPal. If you have a major credit 
card and do not have a PayPal account simply go to: https://www.paypal.com and open an account. It easy and fast.

We offer a no questions asked, full money back guarantee on all new unused 
merchandise if returned within 30 days of purchase.

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