Do you want to begin a creative, enjoyable new hobby?

lf so casting and painting miniature figures could be the perfect way.
By ordering this complete starter set which includes a 4lb. infinite heat control melting pot you will receive a $60 VALUE BONUS (a beautifully hand painted
Franklin Mint 54mm figure and a copy of our 56 page "Helpful Hints" booklet). This is a limited time offer so order now and take advantage of the 18% OFF entire line discount.
1007 Starter Casting Set w/4lb Melting Pot
4 lb. Infinite Temperature Control Lee Melting pot
Pouring ladle
54 mm Silicone rubber mold
2 Rubber Mold Clamps
10 oz. Ingot of Lead-Free Pewter (pours up to 5 figures
1 pair of heavy duty work gloves
Complete instructions
$84.97 Order Now


  1. You can make a ready to use quality Silicone Rubber Mold with no shrinkage in less than one hour.
  2. “Quick-Sil” does not require use of a hazardous Catalyst that could spill or leak from the bottle.
  3. With “Quick-Sil” there is no need to weigh and determine the exact ratio of catalyst to resin.
  4. The finished mold is long lasting affording many pours of metals up to 900 degrees F, or Super Casting Plastics without the mold tearing or shredding.
  5. “Quick-Sil” costs less than comparable Liquid RTV resins.

Very Versatile Wood Mold Frame Press. 
Includes 2.2 lbs. Quick_Sil putty, (allowing you to produce 
molds as small as "1 x 2 1/4 x 2 1/2"
up to "7 x 4 3/4" x 4", a
tub of mold release cream, 1-lb. of synthetic clay, and

4 mold alignment nuts with complete instructions.
$144.95 Order Now
Great for Jewelry, Miniature Figures, Coins, Medals, Fishing Lures and much more!  


Mold Making Materials & Foundry Casting

We offer a wide variety of over 450 different metal and silicone rubber molds to make Old Toy Soldiers, Chess Sets, Medieval Knights, Military, Cowboys & Indians, Nativity, Carousels, Fantasy figures and Dioramas along with many many other figures. 

Want to create and cast your own molds? We offer all the casting supplies and casting tools you need to cast jewelry, figures, etc. The possibilities are endless. Select a category on the right to start shopping! 

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Requiring Only 3 Coldstream Guard Molds
SR97 SR103 SR100

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN under 13 working without adult supervision.


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